API Youth Summit 2023 Attendee Information

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9:30AM – 10:00AMRegistration + Breakfast4th Floor Lounge
10:00AM – 10:20AMWelcome, Opening & RaffleBamboo Room 402
10:25AM – 11:40AMSession 1 WorkshopsWorkshop Rooms
11:45AM – 12:15PMPerformances & RaffleBamboo Room 402
12:15PM – 12:45PMLunch4th Floor Lounge
12:50PM – 2:05PMSession 2 WorkshopsWorkshop Rooms
2:10PM – 2:30PMClosing & RaffleBamboo Room 402

Workshop Descriptions

Stress For Less (STAMP) with Eugenia Luk, Sylivia Lam, Stephanie Lin, Andy Huang, Eric Kuang — Room 601
Are you constantly tired of cramming for a test a few hours before it? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by school, work, or other extracurriculars? Join our workshop, and we’ll teach you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to conserve time and energy for things you love.

Recycle It All, No Matter How Small (STAMP) with Michelle Yu, Katie Lee, Sandy Li, Alyssa Yuen, Coco Au-Tise — Room 602
Are you putting soft plastics in the blue bin, paper into the black bins, and glass in the compost? Do you want to learn about the proper way to discard your garbage? Then this is the workshop for you! By the end of this workshop you will be able to learn the proper way to discard your waste and discover ways to reduce the amount of plastic you produce. 

Education For Employment (STAMP) with Alexander Cai, Steffanie Tsai, Leya Truong, Phillip Chin, Stephanie Song — Room 603
Did you ever wonder why your parents want you to go to college? College allows access to better jobs and pay. It also allows for self improvement and prepares you to be self-sufficient. If you want to learn more, join us for our workshop!

Pitch Perfect: Marketing 101 (STAMP) with Sally Huang, Theresa Tsai, Samuel Chen, Denny Chen, Alex Li — Room 604
Looking to learn more about marketing and how to improve your public speaking? If so, join us for our upcoming workshop where we’ll cover a variety of communication-related skills to help you achieve success. Whether you’re here to learn how to start a small business or want to learn more about marketing, this workshop is designed to help you enhance your communication skills. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge!

Flutterland (YAWAV Personal Projects) with Cecilia Liang, Cindy Zhou, Hannah Deng, Winnie Huang, Kelly Lin, Lindsey Nguyen, Sophia Truong, Sophie Wong, Isabella Leung, Ruby Ma, Andreya Zeng, Kathy Zhao, Stephanie Situ — Room 704
Just like a caterpillar, CYC’s Young Asian Women Against Violence (YAWAV) Peer Leaders have transformed into butterflies that are helping our communities through various action projects. We are giving back to our communities through creating a timeline of Asian beauty standards, advocating for gender-neutral restrooms  for a more inclusive community, and championing the sexualization of Asian women throughout history, and into modern day. Come enjoy the diverse workshops and witness your own growth into a butterfly! 

Protective Peels: Cultivating QT Community (Clementine Collective Personal Projects) with Anna, Ginny, Maria, Mayu, Mika, Peggy, Tyler, Yzabel, Mei, Jackson, Moselle, Sasha — Room 705C
Clementine Collective is a support group and leadership program for queer API youth that empowers young people to become changemakers with a focus on creating positive impacts in their local communities. Come visit our workshop and talk to our Peer Leaders about how they cultivated projects including organizing a hygiene drive for local shelters, directing a fundraiser for a chest binder giveaway, and examining the criminalization of LGBTQ+ people and their resistance.

“Not Asian Enough” (APIYLC) with Jolee Chan, Natalie Liang, Tara Kavanagh, Vanessa He — Room 701
Have you ever had a gut feeling about not being Asian enough? Many of us, being AAPI, struggle with finding our identity. Growing up Asian in America creates a rift between our  American and Asian identities as well as how our perspectives are shaped. In this workshop, we will explore the concept of being “not Asian enough” and how the media and trends affect this ideology within the AAPI community. Join us to learn more about your growing identity and how this may affect others and yourself!

College Admissions: “Affirmative” or Negative? (APIYLC) with Amia Ma, Chulin Zou, Clarisse Kim, Jenavieve Wong, Kaleb Tang — Room 702
What affects a person’s chances of getting into their dream college? Contrary to popular belief, an applicant’s personal statements, extracurriculars, and GPA aren’t the only things affecting your college prospects. An applicant’s background can be a huge factor in determining whether or not they get accepted; this makes the admissions game an unfair one to play. In this workshop, we will address the integrity of college admissions and the topic of taking affirmative action through honest discussions and games. After all, every high schooler, no matter their race, class, or gender, should have an equal chance when applying to colleges. (Disclaimer: This is not like college counseling! We’re not qualified for that!!) 

Who is API? (APIYLC) with Anu Ganzorig, Bella Wong, Hebe Situ, Myra Wong, Tiffany Lum, Christy Lu — Room 703
There is a common misconception about Asians and Pacific Islanders. What do you expect when you think of Asian and Pacific Islander ethnicities? Does your mind float over to Chinese, Korean, or Japanese? Do you even know what the Pacific Islander community represents? There are over 50 Asian and Pacific Islander diverse ethnicities spread across our globe. Who is API and why are they so underrepresented in our society? Who Is API is an interactive workshop that takes our peers across the Asian and Pacific Islands to spread diversity and awareness for other rich and wonderful cultures.

Transit For All (D7YC) with Jason Fong, Jin Valencia-Tow, Mason Ngo, Gracie Wong, Chloe Chan, Shawn Paladio, Isabel Merriman — Room 605
Getting around San Francisco is made possible through many ways. You can use public transportation, personal vehicles, cycling, and walking to commute around San Francisco. While there are many ways to commute in San Francisco, there may be concerns around taking public transportation, driving, cycling, and walking. Come join our workshop that’s filled with fun activities as well as a discussion about the results on the transit survey we conducted.


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