Self Care Tips

The Woks of Life

Our Community Relations Manager, Ben, has been using the time spent at home to explore honing his cooking skills. "While quarantine has given us more time to spend at home, it also gave me an … Learn Moreabout The Woks of Life

Enjoy Nature

Our Program Coordinator, Chanfou, shares his tips on preparing for a hike. Step 1: Pick a trail. Step 2: Pack things you would like for the hike such as a water bottle, mask, gloves, etc. Step 3: I … Learn Moreabout Enjoy Nature

Make Art

Our Site Coordinator, Jennifer Zhang, has some tips on how to find art projects. "Go on Pinterest and look up fun art projects based on what you have at home. Do you have water colors? Look up … Learn Moreabout Make Art

Matcha Mochi Bread

Do you like matcha? Do you like mochi? Do you like bread? Why not combine all three? Our Program Supervisor, Kayi, shares with us her recipe for matcha mochi bread that keeps her nephew happy during … Learn Moreabout Matcha Mochi Bread

Dalgona Coffee

Have you been trying new recipes during shelter-in-place? Our Program Coordinator, Stellar, makes dalgona coffee every morning to start the day. Here is her simple recipe for this … Learn Moreabout Dalgona Coffee

Caring for Animals

Self-care during shelter-in-place is easier when you have to take care of new kittens. Say hello to Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Pepsi, Smoothie, and Coca Cola born on 3/21/2020. This is the first litter … Learn Moreabout Caring for Animals

DIY Cheese Tea

What are you doing to practice self-care? Our Youth & Family Counselor, Rain, shares with us her self-care tip and recipe for making cheese tea. DIY Cheese Tea Ingredients: Cream cheese (1.8 … Learn Moreabout DIY Cheese Tea