Community led. Youth centered.

For over 50 years, CYC has been a key citywide partner, providing culturally competent services to diverse youth throughout San Francisco.

CYC is known locally for:

  • Our 50 years of unmatched experience working with issues related to behavioral health, intergenerational engagement, academic and economic success, racial harmony, and equity.
  • Our expertise working with schools, the business sector, local government, and community institutions to inspire and support youth success.
  • Our highly engaged, hardworking, and effective staff, and community of volunteers.
  • Being a trusted, top-of-mind youth ally within local government, the business community, communities of color throughout the city — and with youth themselves.

In community

We have deep presence throughout SF, including city-wide programs and targeted initiatives in the Bayview, Chinatown, Ingleside, Mission/Excelsior, Richmond, Sunset, and Tenderloin: all neighborhoods with multi-faceted cultures, histories, challenges, and opportunities.

CYC programs in Bayview include our advocacy work via the Bayview Youth Advocates program, historical bus tours, community events, census education and assistance, and disaster preparedness.

Chinatown is the heart of the local Chinese community. CYC is a leader and visible community partner in the neighborhood, known for our many events and activities that benefit youth and families.

Our work in the Ingleside includes the Aptos Beacon Center and the District 7 Youth Council. Aptos Beacon Center expands learning and connects the community while the District 7 Youth Council promotes civic engagement.

CYC programs in the Mission/Excelsior district provides after school activities that expands education and enrichment. Youth also learn the importance of giving back to the community through volunteerism.

The CYC main office is located in the Tenderloin, one of the most economically challenged neighborhoods in San Francisco. The Tenderloin office is the central hub for our citywide efforts and is home for many of our largest programs. 

CYC workforce development programs and community engagement activities in the Richmond are tuned to the unique needs of the neighborhood, which has high ethnic diversity but lacks the density of resources of some other SF neighborhoods.

Our long-term presence in the Richmond has enabled CYC to expand to the Sunset as well—providing vital workforce development programs, summer programs, and participation in neighborhood events.

Our deep roots in the local Asian American and Pacific Islander community have given us the credibility, understanding, and skill to work with the most important issues facing all San Francisco youths and the city as a whole.

Our program model engages the whole family, and the whole community, expanding possibilities for connection and belonging for each individual youth, and within and across neighborhoods.

The city of San Francisco has repeatedly called on CYC as a unifier and advocate for youth across the city and in specific neighborhoods, providing culturally appropriate services across racial, social, and economic divides.

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