Multiracial Advocacy and Justice

For over 52 years, CYC has been a trusted supporter of the local AAPI community in San Francisco, known for our many programs that benefit the community throughout the city and in each neighborhood.

As we’ve grown, the city has turned to CYC for our expertise building bridges across racially diverse communities in the Bayview, Tenderloin, Richmond, and elsewhere. CYC is one of only a few agencies in San Francisco addressing the needs of low-income, high-need, and at-risk Asian American and Pacific Islander, Latinx, and African American youth.

Over time, and across the city, CYC has provided steady leadership in response to situations that require specialized, culturally/linguistically competent, and trauma-informed mediation.

dealing with the hatred and xenophobia and racism that this community has suffered was really hard for san francisco, and we knew we had a trusted organization in cyc who partnered with us to start an escort program, a program that seniors and people who did not feel safe could reach out to and get help and the support they need as they run their errands along clement street or in chinatown or in other places in our city.

― San Francisco Mayor London Breed

As with all our programs, we tailor our multi-racial and cross-racial advocacy and justice work to each individual, while also working at a group level and supporting community-driven change. We believe in opening doors of opportunity based on individual interests and needs, always with multiple entry points, and multiple potential paths.

By respecting the uniqueness of each individual, group, and community, we build trust that leads to new growth and new possibilities.

Community safety and justice

In response to rising violence against the AAPI community, CYC has joined with other local organizations to provide proactive, integrated, culturally competent violence prevention and intervention services.

CYC is the fiscal agency for the Coalition for Community Safety and Justice (CCSJ) and, through the Coalition, provides coordinated street outreach and crisis response services and education related to community healing and restorative justice.

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Promoting racial harmony in Bayview

Bayview is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in San Francisco. Ethnically, the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood is 33% AAPI, 33% African-American, and 25% Latinx. 44% of residents speak a language other than English.

CYC has worked in the Bayview for over 11 years to reduce violence and create harmony and understanding through outreach, education, and advocacy. Through our multiple Bayview programs, we provide diverse young people the opportunity to share their voices and participate in decision-making that affects them and their families.

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Finding strength in diversity

Each year, CYC participates in community events—like the Lunar New Year celebration, Black History Month, National Night Out, and the Autumn Moon Festival—that bring communities together, celebrate cultural heritage, and advocate for equal representation and justice.

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Fostering community in the Richmond

CYC has worked in the Richmond District for over three decades providing opportunities for young people to excel in their lives. The Richmond is often seen as a stable, middle-income community. However, a substantial and growing number of Richmond youth and their families struggle daily with basic needs. Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) comprise 40% of the Richmond community, and 42% of them are considered low income or in poverty.

Building on our long history, CYC has purchased a building at 952 Clement Street to serve as a community hub, open to diverse community partners in the Richmond, that will foster social connection through a mix of culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach, workshops, services, and community events.

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