CYC has worked in the Richmond District for over three decades providing opportunities for young people to excel in their lives. Our workforce development and community services are tuned to the unique needs of a neighborhood with high poverty and ethnic diversity, but without the density of resources as some other San Francisco communities.

A New Home

The new CYC Richmond Community Hub will expand education and employment opportunities to young people, low-income adults, and older adults in the Richmond district. The Hub will provide culturally and linguistically appropriate connection services through a mix of outreach, workshops, individual service coordination and community events. Like all CYC programs, this Hub will support cultural pride and a family-centered approach.

Programs in Richmond:

The AAPI Youth Leadership Council provides weekly workshops that encourage leadership development, social awareness, and civic engagement among AAPI youth.

Construction On Ramp, in partnership with CityBuild and other local nonprofits, offers a free job readiness training program for youth in San Francisco aged 17-21 who are interested in learning more about an exciting career in the construction industry doing trade work or administration.

MYEEP (Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program) is a workforce development program that brings together multiple neighborhood-based agencies to provide valuable, subsidized work experience to San Francisco youth of high school age who face significant barriers to employment.

Job Readiness for English Language Learners (JRELL) is a workforce development program that provides training and workplace experience to youth aged 14-18 who are primarily immigrant English Language Learners to ensure they are ready and prepared to succeed in school, work, and life.  

This program provides AAPI high school sophomores and juniors with academic, life, and college application skill-building and mentorship.

Young Adult Worklink (YAWL) is a workforce development program that provides paid skill-building workshops, career counseling, internship experiences, and direct job search services to young adults ages 16-24 to support their economic stability, self-sufficiency, and general well-being.

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