Our Values

We put our Dragon Boat manifesto into practice throughout our culture.

― Taoist Theory of the Five Elements

  1. Passion is at our core.

    We want to paddle with those who believe in themselves and in our youth. Taking the time to perfect our technique helps us turn our enthusiasm into our success.
  2. A talented steerperson empowers.

    When we have a trusted steerperson guiding our boat, each paddler has agency to focus on their jobs. In this environment, we can transfer knowledge and wisdom to our youth to fulfill their highest potential.
  3. We listen for the call, then stroke together.

    Even one person out of time can cost the race for all of us. The coach can provide critical feedback to help us connect our performance to the rest of the group. We see feedback as a valuable gift to help us stay in course.
  4. The time it takes to train is longer than the race itself.

    We take training seriously. A race is but a measurement of how far we have progressed. By focusing on the growth and development of our youth and staff, we are providing the skill sets necessary to fully maximize their potential.
  5. Nurturing relationships keep us buoyant.

    We promote healthy and meaningful relationships with youth and serve as role models, while facilitating supportive networks.
  6. We are individuals but the boat moves as one.

    We provide an environment that promotes and develops cultural pride, explores diversity, and makes space for anyone who wants to join the race to be part of our group. Our respect for culture doesn’t come at the cost of excluding others.
  7. One person with a loud call can speak for others.

    We leverage our resources to raise awareness of issues for youth and their communities. When we catch the attention of those watching the race we can advocate for those who need help finding their voice.
  8. We enjoy ourselves even as we work hard.

    We promote fun and laughter through a spirited, energetic, and youthful atmosphere.

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