For over 50 years, Community Youth Center of San Francisco has provided the diverse youth of our city a sense of belonging and vital tools and experiences to succeed in life.

CYC today serves a diverse population of over 8,000 youth each year. Our vision is to build a next generation of self-determined, economically empowered young people, each with a strong sense of identity, agency, and possibility.

Our programs cultivate positive youth development within a racial equity framework, acknowledging that CYC youth come from a range of different communities but are underserved because of their race, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, immigrant status, ability status, or other circumstances.

We tailor our work to each individual while also working at a group level and supporting community-driven change.

For young people in San Francisco, access to culturally attuned and language-appropriate health and wellness services is piecemeal at best. CYC provides a broad array of services for youth facing challenges related to mental health, healthy relationships, bullying, drug use, and even violence.

We support young people to explore their full potential in work and life by building their confidence, empathy, curiosity, and access. We offer school-based, after school and summer programs for all ages, as well as linked learning opportunities for work and employment skills development.

We see young people as active participants and leaders in the broader community. We engage youth with the community issues they feel are important to them, and broaden that engagement to include new groups, elders, children, and civic role models from across San Francisco.

K through 5th Grade      Middle School      High School

Ages 18-25      Age 25+