Community Engagement

CYC sees young people as active participants and leaders in the broader community. We engage youth with the community issues they feel are important to them, and broaden that engagement to include new groups, elders, children, and civic role models from across San Francisco.

Our Leadership Development programs foster civic and community engagement through youth-led and youth-driven events and activities that enhance knowledge and increase awareness of community issues.

Our Community Outreach programs connect with API youth facing cultural and language barriers and multiple risk factors. We provide underserved neighborhoods including Bayview and Chinatown with referrals, linkages, educational presentations, and community-building events. We also facilitate skill development and support groups and organize sports and activities at local schools.

Leadership Development programs:

Asian Pacific Islander Youth Leadership Council (APIYLC) meets weekly to encourage leadership development, social awareness, and civic engagement among API youth. Program workshops focus on topics that are important to local youth, including racism, civic engagement, and mental health.

Advocating for Unity, Resilience, and Acceptance (AURA) empowers female youth with leadership development and learning about body positivity and media literacy through skills-based themes and developing a social media campaign. Female youth are paired with a mentor who help guide them through the semester.

Bayview Youth Advocates (BYA) is composed of youth leaders in the Bayview committed to cultural vibrancy, youth inclusion, and racial harmony throughout the neighborhood. Youths attend weekly after school meetings and monthly events to develop leadership, advocacy, and organizing skills.

District 7 Youth Council (D7YC) explores various aspects of civic engagement in San Francisco’s District 7. With access to the Youth Commissioner, youth get to work on proposing legislation and policy affecting the district while gaining a better understanding of how city government operates.

Supporting Transitions & Aspirations Mentorship Program (STAMP) provides API high school sophomores and juniors with academic, life, and college application skill-building and mentorship. Mentors meet their mentees once a month on Saturdays to build rapport and provide guidance.

Young Asian Women Against Violence (YAWAV) is a 9-month youth leadership program where youth learn about the root causes and impact of violence. The program is dedicated to the positive empowerment and development of Asian Pacific Islander high school-aged young women.

PYEP provides at-risk youth ages 10-21 and their families with resources and mentorship to overcome barriers and ensure success in life. PYEP promotes cultural awareness and leadership opportunities, provides 1:1 case management, and monitors youth academic performance and attendance on a weekly basis on-site at schools to prevent truancy.

PSP provides weekly parent support groups and parenting skills development classes. The program allows a knowledge space for parents to access to resources. Weekly parenting classes are available in English, Cantonese, or Spanish.

Community Outreach programs:

The Coalition for Community Safety and Justice (CCSJ) is a group of four Asian Pacific Islander (API) organizations formed to address the safety of the API community against violence, racism, and xenophobia. CYC is serving as the fiscal agency for the CCSJ and provides coordinated street outreach and crisis response services.

The Community Safety Outreach Program (CSOP) teaches and informs the public about the importance of disaster preparedness by providing free seismic, fire, and emergency outreach and education to youth, seniors, residents, businesses, merchants, and community-based organizations.

CYC youth across San Francisco teach monolingual seniors how to operate smartphones and tablet computers. These invaluable skills give seniors the mobility, access, and freedom to connect to the world beyond their community.

Founded in 1972, Youth for Community Engagement (YCE) promotes self-development, communication skills, and a positive attitude to help immigrant youth and elderly adapt to a new country. Youth learn the value of what it means to give back and build a community through volunteerism.