Seismic Safety Outreach Program (SSOP)

SSOP provides free seismic safety outreach and education to San Francisco’s diverse cultural and multilingual communities. The program hopes to increase education and awareness of the need to prepare for a seismic event, and that a high number of stakeholders actively attend and/or participate in earthquake safety trainings, workshops, and/or events within their respective service area and be provided with informational materials that will prepare them for a seismic or natural disaster and an understanding of what to do in the immediate aftermath.

SSOP provides community outreach, trainings and workshops to residents, youth, seniors, businesses and merchants within and in the surrounding areas of District 5; build working partnership with other community based organizations and city departments, engage in community fairs and events; and develop solution driven recommendations to create disaster preparedness communities.


CYC Main Office
1038 Post St
CYC Richmond branch office
319 Sixth Ave, Suite 201

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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