Asian Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Services (APIVPS)

Asian Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Services (APIVPS)

APIVPS provides case management services, support groups, and enrichment activities for at-risk API youth. APIVPS works to reconnect youth with caring adults and peers by providing financial, social, and recreational resources, building individual strengths, and promoting youth and family communication.

APIVPS also works with at-risk youth and their families through the Parenting Skills Program (PSP). PSP provides weekly parent support groups and parenting skills development classes. The program allows a knowledge space for parents to access to resources. Weekly parenting classes are available in English, Cantonese, or Spanish.

If you are an at-risk API youth, an API family with an at-risk youth, or know of an at-risk API youth, CYC’s Central Intake System provides referrals and case management services. Please contact the On-Duty Intake Counselor at 415-775-2636 from 9:30am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday. Walk-ins are also welcome at the Main Office located at 1038 Post Street.

For more information, please contact 415-775-2636 or

View “We Are All Wizards,” our online resource for parents:

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