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Community Assessment and Referral Center (CARC)

Community Assessment & Resource Center (CARC) works with youth aged 11 to 17 taken into custody by the police for either felony and misdemeanor offenses. We connect these youth with appropriate, individualized services that prevent recidivism or further involvement in the Juvenile Justice System. CARC believes that in order for youth to mature into healthy and whole individuals, they require compassion, guidance, and opportunities to make wrongs right and learn from their mistakes.

CARC collaborates with juvenile probation, public health, the sheriff’s department, the police department, and community-based organizations to access and coordinate services for our youth. CARC provides a single point of entry for assessment, service integration, referral, booking, crisis intervention, counseling, and mentoring. Case managers work with youth to reintegrate them into their schools, arrange for special educational services, obtain mental health services, complete community service and probation requirements, and engage them in positive social, arts, athletic, and youth development programs.


Community Assessment and Referral Center (CARC)
44 Gough Street, Suite 104
San Francisco, CA 94103

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