Bayview is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in San Francisco. Ethnically, the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood is 33% Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), 33% African-American, and 25% Latinx.
44% of residents speak a language other than English.

Through the Bayview Service Connection and Multicultural Exchange Program (BSCME) and Bayview Youth Advocates (BYA) program, CYC works with multicultural young people in Bayview-Hunters Point to reduce violence and to create harmony and understanding through outreach, education, and advocacy. Through these programs, youth have the opportunity to share their voices in various spaces in the community and participate in decision-making processes that affect them and their families.

Additional CYC programs in Bayview includes historical bus tours, community events, census education and assistance, and disaster preparedness.

Programs in Bayview:

Bayview Service Connection and Multicultural Engagement (BSCME) promotes racial harmony amongst the African American, AAPI, and Latinx communities living in the Bayview through outreach, cultural events, assistance with connection to services and resources, and community-based events.

This program provides skill development and leadership opportunities for youth in the Bayview committed to cultural vibrancy, youth inclusion, and racial harmony.

This program teaches and informs the public about the importance of disaster preparedness by providing free seismic, fire, and emergency outreach and education to youth, seniors, residents, businesses, merchants, and community-based organizations.

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