CYC after school programs in the Mission and Excelsior districts provide educational and enrichment activities to complement traditional daytime classroom learning. CYC youth also spend time giving back to the neighborhood by volunteering at local senior centers and by teaching classes on how to use technology and how to prepare for disasters.

CYC programs in Mission/Excelsior:

CYC elementary after school program is designed to incorporate enrichment, educational, health, and wellness activities to supplement traditional classroom learning. Specialized clubs, sports, nutrition, and tutoring help develop students’ social and emotional development.

CYC operates after school programs at Balboa and SFI High Schools in partnership with the school administration, faculty, and other service providers. We offer programming to support the development of youth through academic support, enrichment, and recreation activities in a safe and nurturing environment.

CYC youth across San Francisco teach monolingual seniors how to operate smartphones and tablet computers. These invaluable skills give seniors the mobility, access, and freedom to connect to the world beyond their community.

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