Annual Reports


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We are living through times of tremendous change, but looking back at the past year, I am inspired by how much our youth, our community, and CYC itself have flourished despite or because of the challenges.

With your heartfelt support, we are giving the diverse youth of our city the chance to envision and create a future that’s brighter than what any of us could dream of alone. We welcome that future, and together, we will keep looking forward.


Sarah Ching-Ting Wan
Executive Director

community safety

In response to rising violence against the API community, CYC joined with other local organizations in early 2021 to provide proactive, integrated, culturally competent violence prevention and intervention services.

community strength

CYC helped 750+ immigrant families access $1M+ in financial aid, participated in major neighborhood events and street festivals, and opened our doors in Chinatown, at the clubhouse of the newly-reopened Wille “Woo Woo” Wong playground.

community growth

As the COVID-19 crisis continued last year, we were inspired to work together in new ways, inspired by countless examples of youth leadership, inspired to do all we can to ensure a vibrant future for our city and the youth we serve.


Gifts made between July 1, 2020 and June 31, 2021

Foundations and funds

Siu Family Charitable Fund
Jeremy Lin Foundation
Kataly Foundation
Karen Pov & May Tov Family Foundation
Fox Family Fund
Horizons Foundation
Ginkgo Fund
Jessie Cheng Charitable Foundation
The Perkins Coie Foundation
Neel & Carrie Chatterjee Chartible Fund
Rose T.Y. Chen Charitable Fund
The Voelbel Family Fund
WDG Family Foundation

Individuals, corporations, and nonprofits

Preferred Bank
First Republic Bank
Tien Dung Nguyen & John Kelliher
Fong & Piero Marcolongo
Hanna Leung, Esq.
Chinese Hospital Health System
Kaiser Permanente
U.S. Trading
Bank of the Orient
Chinatown Community Development Center
Golden State Warriors
Michelle Loo
Chinatown Merchants Association
Dr. Benjamin C.K. Lau
East West Bank
Japanese Community Youth Council
Mary Tsui
JSA International
Chinese Community Health Resource Center
Peter Yedidia & Connie Rubiano
Marc Schechter
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
San Francisco Association of Realtors
Michael Jang
Kelvin Yuk Fung Chun
Jennifer Ma
Amanda Nguyen
California Dragon Boat Association
Yau Lee
Anthony & Jennifer Corriggio
Amelie Ratliff
Asian American Medical Group
Chek Tan and Company, LLP
David Chiu
Fifth Generation
Hoy Sun Ning Yung Benevolent Association
Irene Yee Riley
Jason Franklin
Joy Alferness
Kristine Kawai
Lina Sheth
Linda Rogers
Lisa Hotran
Marc Weiss
Michael Jang
Molly & John Clark
One Vassar
Peter Yedidia & Connie Rubiano
Redeemer Community Church
Rhonda Wilson
Tony Lau
Upekkha Murdaya
Victor Hwang
Christopher Leong
Jill Smith
Doris Ahlsten
Terry & Anne Lew
Varian Medical Systems
Leila Burrows
Nerd Wallet
Vlada Teper
Alex Kivelstadt
Amanda Cheung
Ben Mok
Cindy La
Chinese for Affirmative Action
Fanlan Brenman
Fung Ping Cheung
Francis Chan
Gorretti Hui
Hutch Hsieh
Irene Uong
Jane Lerner
Jason Chang
Jeffrey Ting & Winnie Koo
Joel Sato
Lawrence Stringer
Lewis Chew
Lisa Fong
Manal Elkarra
Morganson Charles & May Lynn Tan
Paul & Nancy Chung
Dr. Richard & Tatwina Lee
Rita Chow
Self-Help for the Elderly
Shannon Chu
Shannon Gaggero
Stacey Leyton
Terence Chan
Vincent Kyi
William Cheung
Austin Lin
Paul & Nancy Chung
Kam Family
Stanley Phan
Yingyu Feng
Bayard Fong
Abigail Marks
Archer Nail Bar
Bridget O’Keefe
Carole Gray
Cindy La
Darin Ow-Wing
Dejin Yu
Dimas Brataadiredja
Dion-Jay Brookter
Francisco Gutierrez
Frank Mastronuzzi
James Fitzgerald
James Peng
Jiahao Qiu
John Simpson
Julie Lau
Katherine Chun
Krista Wright
Kristen Haller
Latisha Oden
Laura Alcott
Leah Hart
Lizabeth De Vries
Maximilian Rocha
Michael Conte
Nicki Vuong
Sandie Yu
Shannon Chu
Sheila Santos
Stuart Fong
Tina Tom
Victor Tam
William Carroll
Winston Liu