Community Engagement

Seniors Tablet Class

This program teaches monolingual seniors how to operate smartphones and tablet computers. These invaluable skills give seniors the mobility, access, and freedom to connect to the world beyond their community, free from any isolation or fear due to their lack of English or technological proficiency. These skills also help seniors improve their social, emotional and mental wellbeing through regular interaction and communications with family and friends who are not physically nearby.

The program enables youth volunteers from CYC’s leadership development programs, such as the Youth for Community Engagement (YCE), to volunteer and develop their skills in communicating and working with the monolingual senior population. Cohort classes are held at CYC’s Richmond Branch Office, Bayview Branch Office, and North Beach Public Library. Each cohort will comprise of four 2-hour sessions that are taught by experienced instructors with assistance from youth volunteers from the YCE program.

For more information, please contact 415-775-2636 or