Enrichment and Advancement

Newcomer Club (NCC)

NCC provides support to youth who are English Language Learners by equipping them with life skills and knowledge to successfully acculturate in the United States socially and academically. We provide lunch support groups at six different pathway high schools, academic assistance, peer leadership training, 1:1 check-in (on an as-need basis), and community service opportunities.

If you are:

  • High School & Transitional Age (between 14 -19)
  • Current students at one of the following high school (Thurgood, Galileo, Mission, Lincoln, SF International, Washington)
  • First generation immigrant living in the US less than 2 yrs, Asian Pacific Island/Chinese


Lunch Support Groups: Washington, Lincoln, Mission, Thurgood, SF International, and Galileo High School

For more information, please contact Stellar Luo at 415-775-2636 or [email protected]