Health and Wellness

The Asian Pacific Islander Youth & Family Community Support Services (APIYFCSS)

The APIYFCSS program addresses mental health stigma within the API community through outreach, engagement activities, mental health assessment, case management services, and support groups for Transitional Aged Youth ages 16-24. The program adopts a Multisystemic Therapy (MST) approach to address mental health stigma, limited access to linguistically and culturally appropriate services, and co-factors surrounding API youth and LGTBQ youth -specific mental health issues such as violence, HIV/AIDS, and substance use.

Among the API community there is a large cultural stigma surrounding therapy for themselves and for their children. Our case managers are attuned to this stigma and start by establishing trust and rapport with the family while normalizing therapy or counseling. Case managers are resourceful and knowledgeable on how to implement strategies to connect them to needed services. Our program emphasizes early identification, peer-led and parent-led support groups and activities, community education and services, community projects, and cultural identity activities.

Case Managers are empathetic and encourage youth to share their thoughts and ideas freely without fear of being judged or criticized by creating a safe haven. The intentions of a safe haven is to provide a space for case managers and youth to foster a nurturing and trusting relationship where youth can be heard.

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