Enrichment and Advancement

Job Readiness for English Language Learners (JRELL)

JRELL provides workshops, internships, job fairs, corporate tours, and coaching for English Language Learners to help youths aged 14-17 overcome financial barriers and gain experience learning how to navigate a real-world job market. Program participants receive 40 hours of job readiness training and career exploration workshops covering professional communication, job search techniques, resume building, and interviewing skills. In addition, each participant works on a portfolio project to better understand the end-to-end job application process, including application form, cover letter, resume, and a LinkedIn profile. At the end of the 40 hours, program participants will be trained and ready for an 80+ hour internship with a local business partner. During the internship period, participants will get a chance to apply the skills learned during workshops, improve their English language proficiency, and gain real work experience to build their resume.

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For more information, please contact 415-775-2636, or jrell_youth@cycsf.org (ages 14-17) or jrell_adult@cycsf.org (ages 18-24)