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Youth Justice Collective

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About the Collective

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a stark increase in hate and violence against our communities due to someone’s perceived race, national origin, gender, or sexuality. Young people in the Bay Area and San Francisco directly feel and experience the impact of this current political climate. As we foster the the next generation of youth leaders, CYC is committed to promoting equity and solidarity and building youth capacity to create change in their communities.

To meet this goal, CYC created the Youth Justice Collective for returning high school students and/or students who have shown leadership in their communities. The Collective will prepare students as Equity Facilitators by growing their analytical and facilitation skills related to social justice issues, while providing tools to explore and understand their own personal identities and community history. The program operates with the understandings that everyone has a role to play in social justice movements and that our young people are uniquely capable and needed as agents of this change.

Students will learn how to build multiracial solidarity and address anti-AAPI hate, gender-based violence, and violence against queer and trans communities. Through workshops and events, they will engage in community conversations, create curricula, and cultivate agency and awareness in their peers. The Collective also offers workshops to the wider Bay Area community on a range of topics.

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