Pathways and Potential

CYC supports young people to explore their full potential in work and life by building their confidence, empathy, curiosity, and access. We offer enrichment programs, linked learning opportunities for work and employment skills development, and school-based afterschool and summer programs at elementary, middle schools, and high schools in the San Francisco Unified School District.


CYC enrichment programs provide extended learning and interpersonal growth opportunities by challenging youth outside of the classroom environment. Enrichment activities are hands-on and teach youth valuable life skills such teamwork, independence, and leadership.

The CYC Computer Clubhouse provides a safe, out-of-school learning environment for youth to explore their creativity using technology. The Computer Clubhouse has the latest hardware and software for youth to acquire technological skills for personal, academic, and professional development.

Dragon Boat is focused on improving youth’s health and fitness and developing the discipline, skills, teamwork, and strategies needed for dragon boat racing. It is also the only community-based high school dragon boat team in the city. The team competes nationally and internationally.

Table Tennis is an after school program at middle and high schools led by an on-site coach who engages youth in fitness and health while teaching them about leadership, perseverance, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The program includes weekly competitions as well as organized tournaments.

Newcomer Club provides support to youths who are adapting to a new life in the United States as immigrants and as Americans. This program equips youth with the life skills and knowledge to adapt academically and socially with their peers going through the same journey.

TOPS provides a vital set of wraparound services that connect newly immigrated and monolingual, high-risk AAPI Transitional Aged Youth (age 17-24) with caring adults and peers to help them successfully transition into adulthood.

This program provides AAPI high school sophomores and juniors with academic, life, and college application skill-building and mentorship.

This education and skill development program for AAPI young women focuses on topics such as media literacy, female empowerment, and body positivity.

Young Asian Women Against Violence (YAWAV) is a 9-month program where youth learn about the root causes and impact of violence, and cultivate their leadership skills and voice.

Workforce Development

CYC Workforce Development programs help young job seekers build the skills necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency. These programs support skills development and career exploration through job readiness training, placement workshops, internships, numeracy and literacy support, technology and computer skills training.

Construction On Ramp, in partnership with CityBuild and other local nonprofits, offers a free job readiness training program for youth in San Francisco aged 17-21 who are interested in learning more about an exciting career in the construction industry doing trade work or administration.

Job Readiness for English Language Learners (JRELL) is a workforce development program that provides training and workplace experience to youth aged 14-18 who are primarily immigrant English Language Learners to ensure they are ready and prepared to succeed in school, work, and life.

MYEEP (Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program) is a workforce development program that brings together multiple neighborhood-based agencies to provide valuable, subsidized work experience to San Francisco youth of high school age who face significant barriers to employment.

Young Adult Worklink (YAWL) is a workforce development program that provides paid skill-building workshops, career counseling, internship experiences, and direct job search services to young adults ages 16-24 to support their economic stability, self-sufficiency, and general well-being.

Working late at night through the early morning, CYC's Power Wash Mobile Team is responsible for keeping the streets of San Francisco hygienic by washing 3,000 plus garbage receptacles around the entire city and steam cleaning the streets surrounding certain neighborhoods such as Chinatown.

Chinatown’s Central Subway Project will provide rapid transport to and from other parts of San Francisco to Chinatown. While the project is ongoing, SF Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) bilingual ambassadors are out in the community directing traffic safety and answering logistics questions.

The Career Awareness Pathways program inspires youth to think about their future, their place in the world, and how to shape it the way they want to. CAP offers youth guidance to reach their ambitions by helping them create a roadmap to their future career or college goals.

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School Based

CYC School Based programs provide youth with academic support, structured fitness, recreation, and skilled-based activities. These programs also help newcomer youths learn academic and social and emotional learning skills and complete high school requirements to prepare for college or post-secondary education. Full-day summer programs help
K-12 students practice and strengthen their curriculum and lessons learned during the school year.

CYC elementary after school and summer programs incorporate enrichment, educational, health, and wellness activities to supplement traditional classroom learning. Specialized clubs, sports, nutrition, and tutoring help expand students’ social and emotional development.


  • Garfield Elementary
  • Moscone Elementary
  • Redding Elementary


CYC along with the administration and faculty at Aptos transforms the school into a beacon model, putting the focus on the school as a youth- and family-centered place of learning. The program offers comprehensive services that promote social and emotional learning, healthy youth development, and family partnerships.


  • Aptos Beacon


CYC operates after school programs at Balboa and SFI High Schools in partnership with the school administration, faculty, and other service providers. We offer programming to support the development of youth through academic support, enrichment, and recreation activities in a safe and nurturing environment.


  • San Francisco International
  • Balboa High School