Health and Wellness

For young people in San Francisco, access to culturally attuned and language-appropriate health and wellness services is piecemeal at best. CYC provides a broad array of services for youth facing challenges related to mental health, drug prevention, healthy relationships, bullying, and violence prevention.

Behavioral Health

CYC Behavioral Health programs provide case management and individual family therapy for youth aged 11-21. Our clinicians and case managers conduct psychosocial assessments and address mental health stigma, limited access to linguistically and culturally appropriate services, and cofactors such as violence, chronic truancy, and substance abuse. These programs are funded by Community Behavioral Health Services under the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

We also provide parenting classes, stress relief classes, the Strengthening Families Program, and parent appreciation events and activities for promoting the health and wellbeing of parents.


CYC Intervention programs support high-risk and at-risk youth and families through crisis intervention, information, linkages, mental health referrals, individual and family counseling, parenting classes, case management services, court advocacy, conflict intervention, support groups, and linkages to culturally appropriate wraparound services.


Asian Pacific Islander Youth & Family Community Support Services (APIYFCSS) addresses mental health stigma, limited access to linguistically and culturally appropriate services, and co-factors surrounding API youth and LGTBQ youth specific mental health issues such as violence and substance abuse.

APIVPS (Asian Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Services) works to reconnect at-risk API youth with caring adults and peers by providing financial, social, and recreational resources, building individual strengths, and promoting the importance of youth and family communication.

AYPS (Asian Youth Prevention Services) partners with multiple agencies citywide that work together to promote a substance abuse program. The program teaches youth about leading a healthy lifestyle, making sound choices, and avoiding the pitfalls and dangers of drug, alcohol, and nicotine abuse.

Community Assessment Referral Center (CARC) is a shared space by community-based organizations who collaborate together and work with youth in the juvenile hall system who have been arrested and provide them with case management services to offer them a sense of support, opportunity, and hope.

Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSTD) and Intensive Supervision and Clinical Services (ISCS) are community-based supervision and case management services for individual and family therapy. Both programs seek to motivate success and promote healthy lifestyles.

CYC has a Central Intake System in place to provide referrals and case management services. Please contact the On-Duty Intake Counselor at 415-775-2636 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.