Parent Youth Empowerment Program (PYEP)

PYEP is for at risk youth age 10-21 and their families who face multiple barriers to provide them with resources and mentorship to ensure success in life. Engages youth to improve skills in life, promote cultural awareness and leadership opportunities. 1:1 case management- monitor youth academic performance and attendance to prevent truancy on school site on a weekly basis.

Peer leadership groups:

  • Youth for Community Engagement (YCE) Program aims to build lasting relationships between youth and the community. YCE Clubs support CYC at community events, health and safety fairs, and providing Seismic Safety outreach courses. Often recently immigrated Chinese youth, YCE provides opportunities for members to take free training, network with community members, and step into various leadership roles such as Club officers, disaster preparedness instructors, and CPR/AED/First Aid Instructors.
  • Betting on Our Future (BOOF) – youth gambling awareness campaign to arise media campaign.
  • Girls Empowerment & Motivate girls group (GEM) – form sisterly bonds and learn different elements of life skills and academic advising.



YCE meeting at many different locations
Willie Woo Woo Wong Playground and other senior buildings
GEM meet at Galileo high school

For more information about YCE, please contact Ka Yi Lau at 415-775-2636×247 or [email protected]

For other information, please contact Annie Tong at 415-775-2636×211 or [email protected] 


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