Richmond Community Hub Capital Campaign

CYC has worked in the Richmond District for over three decades providing opportunities for young people to excel in their lives. Our love and support for the neighborhood and its residents have inspired us to take a big new step—and we’d like you to join us.

The Richmond today

The Richmond is often seen as a stable, middle-income community. However, a substantial and growing number of Richmond youth and their families struggle daily with basic needs. Asian Pacific Islanders (API) comprise 40% of the Richmond community, and 42% of them are considered low income or in poverty. Low-income members of the Richmond community face challenges to find affordable housing, make a livable wage, and obtain proper health care.

The Richmond lacks the density of other San Francisco neighborhoods, making it harder for families to locate and access services.

Richmond API Community Snapshot 

  • 35% Chinese-only speakers (linguistically and culturally isolated)
  • 9.4% unemployment (almost double the city general unemployment rate)
  • 1 in 5 API children in the Inner Richmond live in low-income households
  • 1 in 4 API adults in the Outer Richmond live in poverty 
  • 32% of API seniors in the city live in Outer Richmond (highest proportion in San Francisco)

The Richmond tomorrow

To improve the economic and social situation of youth and families in the Richmond, to provide a central access point for services, and to foster connection and belonging throughout the neighborhood, CYC has purchased the building at 952 Clement Street as a new community hub.

The Richmond Community Hub will:

  • Expand education and employment opportunities to young people, low-income adults, and older adults
  • Foster social connection through a mix of culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach, workshops, services, and community events
  • Enhance partnerships with local organizations
  • Support cultural pride and a family-centered approach

The Hub will revitalize this essential community, providing support and connection for decades to come.

A look inside

The 7160 square foot space will include:

  • Complementary office space for local nonprofit partners
  • Computer Clubhouse and Technology Academy space
  • Conference rooms
  • Confidential counseling space
  • A rooftop garden with solar panels
  • CYC administrative offices and workforce development program offices

A look ahead

Necessary work on the new building to make it ADA compliant and ready for the public will cost $5M. As of early August 2021, CYC has raised over half that total, with important early funding from the Mayor’s Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative and Richmond Community Center.

Our ask of you

We ask you to contribute to this worthy cause, providing invaluable services to this invaluable San Francisco community. You can make a gift directly via the website, or to receive a campaign brochure and follow-up call from our major gifts team, please email us at

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