COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information and Updates

COVID-19 is having a deep impact on our community and the youth and families we serve. We hope that in these uncertain times that you are finding ways to stay healthy and safe.

As with the rest of the world, CYC needed to make adjustments as an organization due to shelter-in-place to continue our work and impact on the community that we serve. This page serves as both a bulletin board about how CYC is responding and adapting to COVID-19 and a showcase of the inspiring work of our staff and youth. We hope it provides a smile and a reminder of our shared vitality. We will emerge from this crisis transformed, and we will emerge from it together.

As an organization with deep ties to the local API community, CYC remains very concerned about the potential rise of xenophobia and racism in response to this global virus and global health threat. We are working closely with other local API organizations, local government, and Asian-owned businesses in our community to provide needed attention and support for financial hardship, prejudice, and food insecurity.


  • Many CYC programs have adopted a distance learning model using virtual classrooms to facilitate remote workshops and projects while adhering to strict communication guidelines to protect the information of our youth and clients.
  • All school-based programs are working closely with San Francisco Unified School District to align with their distance learning program and provide supplemental learning.
  • CYC has put a priority on the wellness of our youth and clients during this pandemic with one-on-one check ins to give them access to the resources they need.
  • CYC power wash teams continue working throughout the city to keep our streets hygienic and safe. All power wash teams are complying with the city’s strict safety guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • In efforts to keep the community safe, CYC partnered with API Council and private donors to distribute face masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, and gloves to community partners and underserved neighborhoods.
  • Food scarcity became a large issue in Chinatown during COVID-19 with many families losing income to purchase groceries. CYC volunteered at the Chinatown YMCA food pantry to assemble and distribute food to the community.
  • The 2020 Census is important for constituents of San Francisco to fill out so the federal government is able to accurately allocated funds and resources to each community. CYC ensured that as many people got counted as possible with a campaign to educate and register for the census.
  • The economic impact of COVID-19 put a lot of immigrant families at high risk with being able to afford basic necessities. CYC helped ease some financial burden by providing over 700 families with $1M in financial relief.
  • CYC educational programs serve students in the San Francisco public school system. A number of students face barriers to distance learning due to factors such as lack of access to technology or special needs. To address this issue, CYC partnered with the city to open up two in-person learning hubs at the Ingleside Branch Library and Willie “Woo Woo” Wong Playground for those students who had difficulty distance learning.
  • In response to the rise in violence and crimes against the AAPI community, CYC partnered with Chinese for Affirmative Action, Chinese Progressive Association, and New Breath Foundation to form the Coalition for Community Safety, and Justice to keep communities safe.

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