Community Engagement

Bayview Service Connection and Multicultural Engagement Program

CYC opened a branch office in the Bayview/Hunter’s Point neighborhood in 2011 with programs and services that target the neighborhood’s API and Latinx residents. Its goal is to promote racial harmony and build partnership with others. CYC has been the first agency of its kind to establish a center to provide culturally competent and linguistically acceptable services for Asian and Latinx residents, in particular new immigrants, of the Bayview district.

Bayview Service Connection and Multicultural Engagement Program focuses on:

  • Outreach activities and visible presence on the streets
  • Building race relations
  • Assisting residents with access to service and resources
  • Outreaching to Asian, African American and Latino residents and businesses
  • Advocating for multi-lingual services
  • Providing community-wide events, such as Bayview Solidarity Tours, youth development workshops, and cultural celebrations

If you are:

  • Middle School, High School, or Transitional Age
  • Residents living in Bayview Hunters Point or District 10 area


CYC Bayview Branch Office
5009 3rd Street

For more information, please contact 415-775-2636 or