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Dalgona Coffee

Have you been trying new recipes during shelter-in-place? Our Program Coordinator, Stellar, makes dalgona coffee every morning to start the day. Here is her simple recipe for this drink.


Instant coffee powder (Nescafé) (15g/1tbsp)
White sugar (15g/1tbps)
Hot water (15g/1tbps)
Cocoa powder (1 teaspoon)
Milk (250g/9oz)
Ice (a few cubes)
Whisk or electric mixer

  1. Add instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water into a big glass bowl.
  2. Start whisking vigorously until a thick foam is formed. 2-3 minutes.
  3. Prepare a nice glass or cup, add milk and ice.
  4. Slowly transfer your coffee foam over the milk.
  5. Top with cocoa powder.

Variations: Top with different ingredients such as nuts. Put fruit on the bottom for aesthetics.

Substitutions: Matcha or green tea powder