Community Stories

In Solidarity with George Floyd

These past few days have shown that there is a great deal of pain, sadness, frustration, and anger in America due to injustices imparted on our friends, neighbors, and family in the black community. These injustices have been around for centuries and the fight for justice and equality continues to this day. CYC firmly believes that the color of one’s skin should not dictate unnecessary harassment or unfair treatment. 

This is why yesterday, CYC co-signed an open letter drafted by the Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) in unity and solidarity for George Floyd and the countless other black lives that were victims of injustice. CAAL is a group of Asian Minnesotan social justice leaders whose mission is to “harness our collective power to improve the lives of community by connecting, learning, and acting together.”  

CYC signed the letter because for many years we have been educating our youth about systemic racism, inequality, and standing up for what is just. These are core values that are part of the fabric of all our programs. It’s crucial that our youth be given a voice to express what is most important to them because they are the future generation of leaders and the key to fulfilling a common vision where everyone is equal. CYC pledges to continue our commitment giving youth a voice in our part to eradicate racism and create a just world.  

In Community,
Sarah WanExecutive Director