Community Stories

Congratulating the Class of 2023

This past Saturday, during our annual graduation ceremony, we bid farewell to our graduating seniors and expressed our best wishes for their future success. Among these students, many of them are immigrants and the first in their families to embark on the journey of higher education. They have dedicated themselves to achieving their dreams of a college education with hard work and perseverance. Going to college represents not only their personal sacrifices, but also the sacrifices made by their families, who have supported and encouraged them every step of the way.

During our graduation ceremony, we also celebrated 17 seniors for their resilience and academic excellence by awarding them scholarships. Thanks to the generosity of individuals and organizations, we were able to grant $44,000 worth of scholarships to these deserving students.

This year, the recipients of the CYC scholarships were:

Make A Difference Scholarship
Xiaolin Li
Shiying (Phoebe) Lin
Yiding (Carson) Ma
Yixi Ou
Runtong (Lilian) Tan
Aiden Jiaying Xie
Yilin Zhao

Siu Family Charitable Fund Scholarship
Qien Feng
Yejun Zhang

Eddy Zheng Scholarship
Wendy Li
Kelly Lin

Jessie Cheng Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Wendy Li
Kelly Lin

James and Karen Lee Scholarship
Linen Feng

Financial Opportunity Scholarship
Amy Li
Crystal Li
Yixi Ou
Yejun Zhang
Jamie Zhu