Community Stories

Embracing Traditions: The Richmond Autumn Moon Festival

This past Saturday, the Richmond district came alive with the spirit of the Autumn Moon Festival. Rooted in centuries-old Asian traditions, the event drew community members together, underscoring the importance of cultural events in fostering neighborhood connections.

The festival, timed with the autumn equinox, represents three foundational concepts: the gathering of loved ones, gratitude for the harvest, and hopes for future prosperity. At its heart, it’s a time for reflection and community connection.

Richmond businesses, community partners, restaurants, residents, and visitors all gathered together for a street festival reminiscent of the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival celebrated across Asia. Mooncakes, with their sweet fillings, were a highlight for many, a nod to a longstanding tradition.

Local AAPI vendors showcased a variety of goods, from clothing to arts & crafts. Attendees had the opportunity to discover unique items while enjoying dishes from various Asian cuisines. Honoring the Year of the Rabbit, Assemblymember Phil Ting’s office sponsored a rabbit contest with lucky prizes for Best in Show, Most Talented, Best Costume, and Most Pet/Owner Resemblance.

The day also featured a rich lineup of performances, including traditional lion dances and martial arts. These acts, each deeply tied to Asian traditions, provided a glimpse into the diverse cultures that enrich the Richmond community.

We’re grateful to have played a role in this meaningful event. As we reflect on the festival’s success, we look forward to bringing the community together again next year.