Community Stories

Bayview gathers together in community spirit

The Bayview community celebrated the 14th Annual Bayview Black History Month and Lunar New Year Celebration last Saturday, in collaboration with the Bayview YMCA and CYC. The event highlighted the neighborhood’s cultural diversity, with LionDanceMe opening the festivities with their acrobatic lion dance, Briana Franklin honoring African traditions, and the Kam Chi Lam Group showcasing martial arts and dance. Guests also enjoyed soul food and Chinese cuisine while children played carnival games and received over 700 toys donated by BART.

The success of this year’s event has already sparked anticipation for next year’s 15th-anniversary celebration. At CYC, we believe that such events are crucial in bridging cultural divides and fostering mutual understanding and respect among the diverse communities we serve. It’s through these shared experiences that we can build stronger, more inclusive communities for our youth and for Bayview as a whole.