API Council COVID-19 Emergency Fund

CYC has partnered with Asian Pacific Islander Council and all of its participating members to raise $500k for a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to support API families and seniors that are most in need. The goal is to raise $200k by March 31st with the remaining funds by April 30th.

The funds raised will immediately be used for:

  • Food Security – Ensure food availability and security for our low-income API families and seniors.
  • Community Safety – Ensure availability of protective safety materials for workers and volunteers.

Find out more about the API Council, the use of funds, and how to donate.

About the API Coucil:

The API Council is a 40-member coalition of nonprofit organizations in San Francisco that ensure that underserved Asian & Pacific Islanders’ needs are visibly engaged, addressed and represented in policies, research and data collection, and equitable funding allocations to advance overall healthy communities to enhance and shape San Francisco’s continued vibrant evolution.