Young Asian Women Against Violence Peer Leader Application

Our Young Asian Women Against Violence (YAWAV) program is currently looking for peer leaders for the 2021-2022 school year. YAWAV is a youth leadership program dedicated to the empowerment and development of Asian high school girls in San Francisco. YAWAV youth leaders will learn about the root causes and impacts of gender violence in AAPI communities in weekly workshops. These workshops will go into topics such as gender-based violence, consent, East /South-East Asian history and other intersectional topics. YAWAV goals are to strengthen the resilience, pride, knowledge, and skills of youth leaders, so that we can educate our communities on these issues. YAWAV is led by youth leaders who strive to advocate for equality and social justice for all femme identities. YAWAV provides support, resources, advocacy, and education to strengthen, heal from, and end violence against all femme identities.

A peer leader must:

  • Attend all weekly workshops
  • Be accountable for their own personal and professional growth
  • Be empathetic and a great communicator
  • Facilitate community workshops from January-May 2022
  • Volunteer at and/or attend CYC events
  • Attend YAWAV events (retreats, community events, parent night)

Youth who identify as non-cis-femme, immigrants, LGBTQQIA+, low-income, survivors of harm/violence, non-east API (i.e. Hmong, Lao, Burmese), and of mixed ethnicities (i.e. Hispanic & Vietnamese) are highly encouraged to apply. To apply and learn more about YAWAV click the button below.