API QT Pie (LGBTQIA+ Support Group) Application

Are you a QT (Cutie) Pie? Are you interested in being part of a queer/transgender/LGBTQIA+ community? CYC is launching a school year support group for API LGBTQIA+ and questioning youth that is open to current, former, and incoming CYC participants. We invite those interested to join us in this journey.

About API QT Pie:

API QT Pie intends to provide a healing and educational space for queer and trans (LGBTQIA+) identifying and/or questioning API youth. We aim to build community by providing youth-led support and knowledge on QT experiences and culture.

Eligibility requirements:

  • 9th-12th graders
  • API and LGBTQIA+ identified or questioning
  • Current, former, or incoming CYC participants

To apply and learn more about API QT Pie click the button below.