Support mental health for #GiveInMay

Join us as we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by taking part in the annual #GiveInMay campaign alongside the Asian Pacific Fund and AAPI Data. #GiveInMay aims to raise awareness of the issues that AAPIs face, but which often go unseen and unmet. This year, CYC is bringing attention to the importance of mental health during #GiveInMay.

AAPI youth are currently facing mental health as one of their most significant issues. Due to cultural stigmas and limited resources, many youth do not seek the help they need. We are overcoming these barriers by providing culturally attuned programs and workshops that cater to AAPI youth’s unique needs. Our programs and workshops have had an enormous impact on our youth. We invite you to join us in supporting our mental health programs by donating to our #GiveInMay campaign. Every contribution helps AAPI youth access the mental health services they need.