A big thank you to the Sheriffs and You Foundation

The Sheriffs and You Foundation (SAYF) once again spread holiday cheer, enabling 40 families to join a Thanksgiving shopping spree at Lucky’s and over 100 children to participate in a Christmas gift shopping event at Target. These annual events support local families and foster positive relationships between local law enforcement groups and the communities they serve.

For the fourth consecutive year, SAYF invited families in our community to join the shopping experience at Lucky’s on Sloat Boulevard, where they selected grocery items in preparation for Thanksgiving. Entire families, including grandparents, made it a memorable outing as they shopped for traditional Thanksgiving items such as pumpkin pie, stuffing, and green beans. Some families even made it a family project to create a budget together before the event, given that each family had $125 to spend. Many of these families have never celebrated Thanksgiving before and were delighted to each receive a huge turkey from SAYF.

The Target shopping event marked the 20th anniversary of this special holiday tradition. Children from Garfield and Moscone elementary schools visited the Target in Colma, walking around the store with a sheriff to decide how to each spend $200 on Christmas gifts for themselves and their families.

We, along with the CYC families and youth who were deeply touched by SAYF’s generosity, would like to express our gratitude to them and their donors for supporting these two remarkable holiday events, bringing immense joy to numerous families.