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DIY Cheese Tea

What are you doing to practice self-care? Our Youth & Family Counselor, Rain, shares with us her self-care tip and recipe for making cheese tea.

DIY Cheese Tea

Ingredients: Cream cheese (1.8 oz), milk (1.8 oz), salt (1/4 teaspoon), heavy cream (3.6oz), sugar (3 teaspoons), tea bag, hot water, cup, bowls and mixer/whisk

Cheese Tea Time: 35min

1. Let cream cheese sit to room temperature and put in a bowl

2. Whisk the cream cheese and milk gradually until it is soft

3. Add salt and mix well then put aside

4. In a separate bowl, add heavy cream with sugar and mix well

5. Pour both bowls together and whisk to desired thickness

6. Put tea bags into hot water and mix with sugar (if needed) then add ice.

You can make the tea ahead of time.

7. Pour finished cheese cream on top of the tea and enjoy

8. Top with matcha or cocoa powder if desired