Community Stories

Rose Pak Upper Plaza is going strong

You take the T line from Powell to the brand new shiny Rose Pak station and upon exiting you may first notice the vibrant hustle and bustle of Chinatown. In front of you, is a street filled with tourists and Chinatown’s grandmas and grandpas doing their grocery shopping for the day—as the 30 Muni bus rumbles by. But to your right are stairs leading up to Chinatown’s newest community haven.

Welcome to the Rose Pak Upper Plaza. A little nook with a beautiful view of Chinatown and a place to stop and rest your weary feet (and eat some take out dim sum from down the street).

Every weekend CYC turns this beautiful nook into a place for the community to come together. Opening up only a couple of months ago as an activated community space, the Rose Pak Upper Plaza now features a wide range of activities and events—Kung Fu Saturdays, carnival games, and arts and crafts tables for families.

Since its inception, it mirrors the impact of the Rose Pak station, an excellent and safe stopping place in the meandering road traversing San Francisco’s unique neighborhoods. We welcome you to come to this plaza, breathe in the scents of newly baked buns and roast duck, listen to the chatter of children bouncing down the street, and see this city for what it really is—a place worth stopping by.

Ka Yi Lau, who leads the CYC program for the Rose Pak Upper Plaza, believes this space is the perfect example of what CYC believes in—building opportunities for our community members to flourish and grow.

Upcoming events at the Upper Plaza:

Friday, August 18 (2pm to 6pm) – “Art Together

Saturday, August 19 (11am to 12pm) – “Kung Fu Saturdays” with Wing Chung Dynamics

Saturday, August 19 (2pm to 6pm) – “Art Together

Sunday, August 20 (12pm to 3pm) – Wellness check with Chinatown Merchants United Association of San Francisco, Chinese Herb Trade Association of America,and American Research Institute of Chinese Medicine

Saturday, August 26 (11am to 4pm) – “Kung Fu Saturdays” with SF Jing Mo Athletic Association

Saturday, August 26 (2pm to 6pm) – “Art Together

Saturday, August 30 (5pm to 10pm) – “Edge on the Square Festival