Community Stories

A new year welcomes a new dragon

This year’s Chinese New Year Parade was particularly momentous for CYC, marking an unforgettable celebration of the Year of the Dragon. CYC unveiled a colorful new dragon, symbolizing strength, prosperity, and the dawn of a promising year. The inauguration of this magnificent creature was marked by a traditional “eye dotting” ceremony, a ritual that breathes life into the dragon, featuring distinguished guests like Central Station Captain Eric Kim, Board President Aaron Peskin, Recreation and Parks Commissioner Vanita Louie, and Office of Economic Workforce and Development Senior Program Manager Francis Chan.

Leading the parade was the CYC truck, decked in auspicious red and gold. The procession, highlighted by the energetic flag dancers and the dual dragons, drew widespread admiration and cheers from the crowd.

Adorned in purple and gold, the new dragon, alongside a retiring counterpart, created a mesmerizing spectacle. This year was particularly special as it saw the largest participation from CYC youth, with 100 young people contributing to the parade’s success. Their involvement ranged from supporting the majestic dragons to performing a captivating flag dance, showcasing the talent and unity within CYC.

The parade was both a celebration of the Lunar New Year and a manifestation of CYC’s commitment to cultural preservation, youth involvement, and community unity. As we retire one dragon and welcome another, we also embrace the continuous cycle of renewal and growth, looking forward to many more years of honoring and affirming the deep ties we all share. This event stands as a proud reflection of our shared values and connections, heralding a year filled with hope, strength, and prosperity.

Happy New Year.