Community Stories

Graduation event celebrates youth advocacy

This year’s CYC graduation ceremony honored young leaders who have not only excelled academically but have also taken significant strides in advocating for justice, equity, and positive change. The event brought together more than 200 students along with their families, friends, and community members to mark a major life milestone.

CYC’s Executive Director Sarah Wan welcomed attendees by emphasizing the importance of advocacy in the graduates’ educational and personal development. The keynote address was delivered by Eddie Ahn, Executive Director of Brightline Defense, who shared insights from his path in environmental justice and community service. Highlighting themes from his recent memoir, “Advocate,” Eddie inspired the graduates with his dedication to community-building and service.

The ceremony was not just a culmination of academic efforts but also a platform for recognizing the graduates’ roles in their communities. It included the awarding of scholarships aimed at supporting the students’ next educational steps. This year, CYC distributed 16 scholarships totaling $44,000 on behalf our incredible supporters, underscoring our commitment to creating youth pathways and cultivating youth potential.

The event also served as a moment for the graduates to reflect on their time with CYC and to look forward to their future in college and beyond. It was an opportunity for them to reconnect with peers and celebrate their shared experiences and achievements. It was a day filled with joy, reflection, and anticipation, and one we and they won’t soon forget.