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Newcomer Club is a program dedicated to support the newcomer’s social, emotional, and family relationship needs during their life transition. Guided by strategic practices of youth empowerment, the program fosters leadership skills and trains peer leaders to lead, advise, mediate and serve as positive role models; promotes academic and/or vocational success to broaden youths’ life options; builds self- reliance and develops positive cultural identity; challenges negative ethnic and gender stereotyping for better understanding of different ethnic and cultural values; and reinforces the family unit.

Program Date & Hour:

Starting at October, every Monday and Wednesday, 4:30-6:30pm @ CYC main.

Who can apply:

  • Current students enrolled at one of the following high schools (Thurgood Marshall, Galileo, Mission, Lincoln, SF International, Burton)
  • Immigrant living in the US less than 2 years. API Chinese Speaking