Community Stories

  • TOPS


    TOPS provides a vital set of wraparound services that connect newly immigrated and monolingual, high-risk AAPI Transitional Aged Youth (age 17-24) with caring adults and peers to help them successfully transition into adulthood.

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  • Parent-Youth Empowerment

    Parent-Youth Empowerment

    This program provides at-risk youth ages 10-21 and their families with resources and mentorship to overcome barriers and ensure success in life.

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  • Community Assessment and Referral Center (CARC)

    Community Assessment and Referral Center (CARC)

    Community Assessment Referral Center (CARC) is a shared space for community-based organizations that collaboratively work with arrested youth in the juvenile hall system to provide them with case management, support, opportunity, and hope.

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  • AAPI Violence Prevention Services

    AAPI Violence Prevention Services

    This program works to reconnect at-risk AAPI youth with caring adults and peers by providing financial, social, and recreational resources, building individual strengths, and promoting the importance of youth and family communication.

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