Community Stories

Celebrating creativity and community at Summer on Waverly 2024

This year’s Summer on Waverly festival was a joyous blend of culture, creativity, and community spirit. On a sunny Saturday in Chinatown, children and families gathered to explore and express their artistic talents, guided by local artists and musicians. The festival transformed Waverly Place into a vibrant hub of musical exploration and intergenerational learning, reflecting the CYC commitment to nurturing potential and fostering community connections.

The heart of the festival was the DIY music workshops, where children crafted their own maracas, shakers, and recorders. These activities weren’t just about creating instruments; they were about igniting a spark of interest in music and arts. Clara from Clarion Performing Arts Center taught the children how to play the instruments they had just made, providing some with their first-ever musical experience.

Another highlight was Janet Chan’s workshop on traditional Chinese drumming. Janet’s session focused on the Yellow River drumming style, a powerful homage to her late husband, Layton Chan. Her dedication to preserving this significant cultural art form for future generations encapsulates the spirit of the festival—celebrating heritage while looking forward.

This year’s activities expanded to Rose Pak Station, where guitar workshops and an interactive piano pad had kids dancing and playing. Twenty-one local merchants offered special weekend discounts, driving local economic engagement and enhancing our vibrant Chinatown neighborhood.

Summer on Waverly is more than just a fun annual event; it is a testament to CYC’s ongoing mission to empower youth and enrich community life through education, culture, and the arts. As we reflect on this year’s success, we are reminded of the importance of our work and the impact it has on the young lives we support.

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making this year’s Summer on Waverly special. We look forward to next year, but before then, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the ever-popular, always-tasty Craving Chinatown event coming up very soon on Saturday, July 20.