Community Stories

  • AAPI Youth & Family Community Support Services

    AAPI Youth & Family Community Support Services

    This program addresses mental health stigma, limited access to linguistically and culturally appropriate services, and co-factors surrounding AAPI youth and LGBTQIA+ youth mental health issues such as violence and substance abuse.

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  • Parent-Youth Empowerment

    Parent-Youth Empowerment

    This program provides at-risk youth ages 10-21 and their families with resources and mentorship to overcome barriers and ensure success in life.

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  • AAPI Violence Prevention Services

    AAPI Violence Prevention Services

    This program works to reconnect at-risk AAPI youth with caring adults and peers by providing financial, social, and recreational resources, building individual strengths, and promoting the importance of youth and family communication.

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  • Newcomer Club

    Newcomer Club

    Newcomer Club provides support to youths who are adapting to a new life in the United States as immigrants and as Americans. This program equips youth with the life skills and knowledge to adapt academically and socially with their peers going through the same journey.

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