Congratulations to our 2022 scholarship winners

We’d like to congratulate all the 2022 CYC scholarship winners for the commitment they made to challenging themselves to reach their fullest potential. We wish them every success as they continue on to college.

Siu Family Charitable Fund Scholarship

  1. Chuqi (Joanna) Ye
  2. Kelly Loc
  3. Meihua (Jasmine) Tan
  4. Yongmei Zhu

Make a Difference Scholarship

  1. Shuyin (Canita) Huang
  2. Ashley Zou
  3. Ruiqi (Camellia) Liu
  4. Chuqi (Joanna) Ye
  5. Qianlin Fang
  6. Whitney Lu

Eddy Zheng Scholarship

  1. Zoe Yee
  2. Kelly Loc

Jessie Cheng Charitable Foundation Scholarship

  1. Shuyin (Canita) Huang
  2. Wing Yau (Natalie) Yuen

Anita Fong Memorial Scholarship

  1. Zoe Yee

Vincent Fong Impossible Dream Scholarship

  1. Kelly Loc

James and Karen Lee Scholarship

  1. Shuyin (Canita) Huang
  2. Katie Choi

CYC Scholarship

  1. Katie Choi
  2. Yongmei Zhu
  3. Juliana Zeng
  4. Xiaohui Cai
  5. Wing Yau (Natalie) Yuen

A special thank to you to all the donors who made these scholarships possible with their generosity.