Community Stories

  • 2020 Elementary Summer Camp

    2020 Elementary Summer Camp


    Summer camp is done! Thanks to all the elementary kids who spent the summer with us “Around the World.” We loved traveling with you and hope you enjoy your gift bag of art supplies to continue your adventures! #cycsf #summercamp #travel #aroundtheworld

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  • In Solidarity with George Floyd

    In Solidarity with George Floyd

    These past few days have shown that there is a great deal of pain, sadness, frustration, and anger in America due to injustices imparted on our friends, neighbors, and family in the black community. These injustices have been around for centuries and the fight for justice and equality continues to this day. CYC firmly believes…

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  • The Woks of Life

    The Woks of Life

    Our Community Relations Manager, Ben, has been using the time spent at home to explore honing his cooking skills. “While quarantine has given us more time to spend at home, it also gave me an excuse to explore cooking more often. There’s something relaxing about being in the kitchen with some easy listening (70s, 80s,90s,and jazz)…

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  • Enjoy Nature

    Enjoy Nature

    Our Program Coordinator, Chanfou, shares his tips on preparing for a hike. Step 1: Pick a trail. Step 2: Pack things you would like for the hike such as a water bottle, mask, gloves, etc. Step 3: I like to hike during sunset so I usually drive to the trailhead two hours before sun down.…

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  • Make Art

    Make Art

    Our Site Coordinator, Jennifer Zhang, has some tips on how to find art projects. “Go on Pinterest and look up fun art projects based on what you have at home. Do you have water colors? Look up watercolor arts! Do you have some fine point markers? There are art projects for that too. Even if…

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  • Face Masks for Bayview

    Face Masks for Bayview

    Big thanks to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission for donating 500 face masks to protect the senior community in the Bayview. The face masks were passed out at Geraldine Manor, All Hallows Community, and John King Senior Center.

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  • Matcha Mochi Bread

    Matcha Mochi Bread

    Do you like matcha? Do you like mochi? Do you like bread? Why not combine all three? Our Program Supervisor, Kayi, shares with us her recipe for matcha mochi bread that keeps her nephew happy during shelter-in-place. Ingredients:4 large eggs2 cups whole milk2 cups cane sugar1½ tablespoons high-quality matcha powderOne 1-pound box Mochiko flour (also…

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  • Body Combat Workout

    Body Combat Workout

    How CYC Program Coordinator, Elaine, has been keeping herself in physical shape with workouts from Les Mills. Working out is really hard for me, especially when I have to count every move. So my alternative workout is to do Les Mills Body Combat! It’s a “high-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact (where you)…

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  • Do-It-Yourself Face Mask

    Do-It-Yourself Face Mask


    New policies from the City of San Francisco now requires citizens to wear face masks when going outside for essential needs such as shopping for food in efforts to slow down the transmission of COVID-19. If you don’t have a face mask here is how to make a DIY no-sew pleated face mask using common…

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  • Dalgona Coffee

    Dalgona Coffee

    Have you been trying new recipes during shelter-in-place? Our Program Coordinator, Stellar, makes dalgona coffee every morning to start the day. Here is her simple recipe for this drink. Ingredients: Instant coffee powder (Nescafé) (15g/1tbsp)White sugar (15g/1tbps)Hot water (15g/1tbps)Cocoa powder (1 teaspoon)Milk (250g/9oz)Ice (a few cubes)Whisk or electric mixer Add instant coffee powder, sugar, and…

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  • Caring for Animals

    Caring for Animals

    Self-care during shelter-in-place is easier when you have to take care of new kittens. Say hello to Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Pepsi, Smoothie, and Coca Cola born on 3/21/2020. This is the first litter that Kamenly, our Program Coordinator, has taken care of.

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  • Chinatown YMCA weekly food pantry

    Chinatown YMCA weekly food pantry


    Today staff from CYC helped the Chinatown YMCA with their weekly food pantry to load and pass out 180 bags of groceries to the community while practicing social distancing and using masks and gloves. Many seniors rely on the weekly food pantry to live on. Food was supplied by the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

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